The reason you MUST clarify your business message TODAY!


Communicating effectively with your customers and potential customers is more critical than ever before. All of the main tenets of effective communication must be adhered to, but it has never been more important to clarify who you are, what you do, and what distinguishes you from your competition if you are to WIN the hearts of your customers and potential customers.

The Game Has Changed

The way we interact online has changed. Gone are the days of being able to tell long stories with intricate details about the founding of your company, its rich history, and all the other details that people used to take the time to read. You must now capture site visitors quickly and engage them in your narrative if you have any chance at getting them to convert. You have just a few seconds to convince site visitors that they should stay and learn more about what you offer. If you don’t give them a reason to stay, they go away, likely to never return.

Site visitors simply don’t have the time they used to have when they are online, nor do they have the patience. The onslaught of marketing messages and online material has trained us all to skim, to quickly sum up a page in seconds, and determine whether it is a place we want to invest any more time into or perform the dreaded “bounce”. This means that you must capture the intrigue and attention of your site visitors and give them a reason to stay and learn more about what you have to offer.

Clarify or Lose

We are firm believers in the importance of clarifying your company message, and as such, we are huge fans of the Story Brand framework developed by author turned business-consultant, Donald Miller. He created the Story Brand framework in an effort to help all types of businesses to do the hard work of distilling down their message to the most important components, highlighting the customer’s pain points, and positioning the company as the guide to help the customer obtain the desired outcome.

Let’s be honest – any visitor to your company website is looking for a solution, a solution to a problem that they have. They are there to find out what your company can do for them, how your company can help them to achieve an outcome they desire. It is your job to quickly convince them that you are credible and capable, the right choice for their need, and to give them a clear and simple CTA (call to action) to take in order to proceed with their interaction. Failing to do this can result in loss of business due to short interaction time and high bounce rates.

Your Business Is Unique

Each business is unique and each market is unique, and each requires a dedicated amount of research and effort to truly understand the industry, the competition, and each company’s unique features and offering, and then crafting messaging and marketing that reflects those features in the most effective manner possible. For many businesses, this is very difficult work, and often impossible because of the curse of knowledge in that owners are so immersed in their business that it is difficult to step back and see things through the eyes of their customers.

Here at Transaction Factory, we spend a lot of time working with business in many different industries to clarify their business model, their offerings, their branding, and their messaging, and craft an online presence that captures those elements and communicates them in the most effective manner possible, in a way that will CONVERT. We help businesses to capture cold and warm traffic and to lead them down the transaction funnel.




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